Automatic Fly-Ash Bricks Plant is used to product a best quality Fly-Ash Bricks with high pressure. This plant is available in Three models to produce 800 to 2500 Bricks per hour. Automatic Fly-Ash Bricks Mainly consists of following equipment.

  • Hydraulic press:Hydraulic press for bricks making machine is fabricated from window type plate of required thickness to with stand high pressure applied on brick press created about 6 to 10M.T. pressure on each bricks to make it very strong & ease handled bricks press runs automatically by the mean of PLC based control panel & hydraulic power pack. Prefilled technology is provided to ensure fast & reliable work for long time. Hydraulic cylinder are made with best quality feeder fan is provided to ensure quick filling of raw materials in mould cavity. Proximity sensors are used to complete the auto cycle.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack: Hydraulic power pack is of required some capacity & other hydraulic accessories like hydraulic pump, sonodine valves, pressure control valves,Pressure gauge, oil level gauge, Flow control valves and other is provided along with the plant. Most of the accessories used in power make by Yukon or polyhedron and Motor made by Crompton or A.B.B.
  • Control Panel: Programable logic controller(P.L.C.) control panel is supplied with the plant to operated the plant two models of operating like manual & automatic selectable to operate The plant. The control panel is filled with best quality electrical accessories & P.L.C.display.Push bottoms, Amperes & volt meters,contact & ever load relay Etc.
  • Pan Mixture:Pantype Mixture required Batch capacity is supplied along with the plant Mixture the raw materials like Fly-Ash cement ,sand,Water,Etc.Homogeneous side wall& bottom plate of the Pan Mixture best quality M.S.plate. The Mixture is filled with Heavy duty gear box & best quality motor.Homogeneous mixing by mixing arms & rollers. The batch capacity of mixture is depending open the production capacity of brick plant. Manually and automatically discharges.
    1.Electric Motor : 2 Nos./10 Hp each with safety net (Crompton/ABB).
    2.Mixing Capacity: 500Kgs.Bench approx each pan mixture machine.
    3.Material : Material Feeding & Discharge (Manual/Automatic).
    4.Mixer Arms : 2 Nos. in each (Extra 8 Arms for Concrete Mixing).
    5.Crushing Rollers: 2 each.
  • Convair Belt:Convire belt isprovided to mixed materials from pan mixture to the hopper of Hydraulic Press. Best quality of structure & roller frame are fabricated.Driving Roller & Driven Roller and other is provide best quality bearing and rubber end less Convair is provided to good quality.

POWER PACK: High Pressure, Low Pressure pump, Control vaive,Relieve valve,PCM,Pressure Gauge,Pipe line,Oil tank capacity 600 Liter, PLC etc.
BODY: Shall be fabricated box 25m/m. Base plate wielding with Quality Electrodes. Use Standard Company Nut bolts.
CONVEYOR WITH HOPPER: 1 Set. (with 2 Hp Motor & 20 Feet Length & 600mm. Width).
VIBRATION SYSTEM: 3 Hp Special vibrator motor.
OIL COOLING: Oil Cooling system (Water/ Air Cooling).
PLC CONTROL SYSTEM: Fully Automatic PLC operating all system.

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